April 7, 2020

What to do, What to do?

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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Music has been a form of medicine since its creation. The best thing about this medicine is that the side effects are generally beneficial. Music also has the capacity to make us feel every emotion known to man. Nothing else has this kind of power over us. It really is the best. At times like these we need music and other arts more than ever! The last week I’ve been on somewhat of a quest. My goal is to only consume art. No more news (unless it comes from doctors or scientist). I’ve even cut back on podcast. If my brain needs to switch gears then music, film, or reading it is. Lucky for me the options under these categories are endless.

Kingston making a little Lego Dance Party. I wonder if he can call this “school”?

One activity that I have most enjoyed with my family is an impromptu dance party. And one of the bands that really gets us all going has been the Talking Heads. Maybe it’s the lack of everyday activity or it just one side effect of this medicine, whatever it is it makes me feel good. So tonight, open a bottle or two of great wine, put on this playlist. Turn up the volume, push the coffee table aside and dance like nobody’s watching!!!




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