Made primarily of vineyard-designated Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, each vineyard for Cordant is hand selected based on its ability to express a unique location. The wines are made without an agenda, but with close attention to detail.

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Nelle is made with the purpose to show what vineyards can do when they work together. These vineyards are chosen by their ability to contribute to a greater good. In the winemaking process intuition is king, and the little things you can do sometimes matter the most.

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The best part of making wine is creating something that is meant to be shared. Not enough can be said about the path it takes to get the vineyard to your glass. We invite you to follow along while we share our side of this epic journey. Whether we pour our wines for you in the tasting room, or you enjoy them at home with your loved ones, we hope you will share your side too!