Getting Back in the Swing of Things with Cordant Winery

By Jeffrey M Kralik aka The Drunken Cyclist, as published on January 3, 2024

We are honored that Jeffrey had so many nice things to say about the 6 of our wines he recently reviewed, including this about Indocile, our new cool-climate syrah: “This is now my fifth foray into the wines of Cordant and can I say “whoa”? I have loved all of the previous wines (92-95 points) and this wine certainly falls in line with those. Yowza. … Honestly? If more Syrahs were like this? It truly would be the “next Pinot Noir”. Whoa. Outstanding. 96 Points.”  Thank you Jeffrey.  Read the full article….

Dan Berger on Wine: Rethinking Greatness

By Dan Berger as published on July 30, 2023 in the The Napa Valley Register

It was several vintages into his founding of Cordant Winery that David Taylor reached an impasse. Taylor believed something wasn’t going exactly where he envisioned it should, so he embarked on a mid-course correction.  Read the full article….

Hidden Gems of Paso Robles Wine Country

By Mira Honeycutt as published on July 15, 2023 in the The Paso Robles Press

Mira has some nice things to say about Cordant Winery, our 2020 and 2021 wines, and some of our peer wineries in her round-up article on “hidden gem” wineries in Paso Robles.  Read the full article….

Former Los Gatos resident wants ‘best grapes possible’ for his Cordant wines

David Taylor Founded Winery After Moving to Paso Robles

By Laura Ness, correspondent, as published on June 26, 2023 in the San Jose Mercury News

Former Los Gatos resident David Taylor might not have known it at the time, but the seeds of Paso Robles wine country that were sown when he attended Cal Poly as an electrical engineering major would blossom decades later into one of the most prolific wine regions in America.  Read the full article….

Dave McIntyre from the Washington Post loves Cordant’s 2021 Resolution White Rhone Blend….

April 7, 2023
In his Voraciously column in the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre opines that Cordant’s 2021 Resolution white Rhone blend is “one of the best Rhone-style white wines from the United States that I have tasted, and worth seeking out”.  Read the entire paragraph about Cordant at the bottom of his blog post….

2019 ENZ Mourvèdre Rated “Exceptional” and is one of the 50 Great Wines in 2022

January 6, 2023
In his article 50 Great Wines in 2022, Fredric Koeppel, owner of the BiggerThanYourHead food and wine blog rates Cordant Winery’s 2019 Nelle ENZ Mourvèdre as “exceptional” and includes the wine in his Top 50 list.  Read more….

Discussion with Evan Taylor about Cordant Winery and our wines in Coast News

January 3, 2023
Frank Mangio and Rick Cassoni from Coast News sit down with Evan Taylor to discuss our winery, the breadth of fruit we purchase, our winemaking philosophy, and then taste through some of our 2019 and 2020 wines.  Read more….

Tom Marquardt features Cordant Winery in his article “A Taste of Small California Wineries”.

December 19, 2022
In his article “A Taste of Small California Wineries”, Tom Marquardt introduces Cordant Winery to his readers and discusses some recent releases of our wines. Read more….

Frederic Koeppel from “Bigger Than Your Head” wine blog rates Cordant’s 2020 Pinot Noir and 2019/2020 Rhone Wines as “Excellent”

December 12, 2022
Frederic Koeppel has reviewed and rated Cordant’s 2020 Radian Pinot Noir, 2020 Solomon Hills Pinot Noir, 2020 Maniacal, and 2019 Mourvedre as “Excellent”.  Read more to see all of Frederic’s insightful comments.

Winemaker Scott Stelzle Interviewed by Ray Fister, publisher of “Life Between the Vines”.

November 16, 2022
Ray conducts a fascinating interview with Scott Stelzle, Cordant Winery’s Director of Winemaking.  Scott discusses the crazy 2022 harvest, his winemaking background, and his avocational interest in flying vintage World War II aircraft.
Watch and listen now….

Plus…Scott defines the word Schmutz, as used in winemaking….

Cordant Winery in Paso Robles Names Nikki Smith as General Manager

Oct 3, 2022
Cordant Winery, based in Paso Robles, has named Nikki Smith as general manager. Cordant, which produces about 3,000 cases per year and sources its fruit from vineyards 180 miles along the central coast, was founded by tech entrepreneur David Taylor.
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