The Cordant Winery Team, dedicated to the art of crafting fine Pinot Noir and Rhone-style wines.

David Taylor


In 2014, after a 30+ year career in technology and Silicon Valley start-up companies, David rekindled his entrepreneurial skills, combined it with his passion for Pinot Noir and Rhone wines, and founded Cordant Winery. With the mantra of “wines are born in the vineyard”, David and the team sought out some of the best vineyards on the California Central Coast from Monterey County south through San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties to launch Cordant. But of equal importance to the team’s desire to make wines the best they can be, is their commitment to provide a welcome and memorable hospitality experience for guests. For those reasons the rest of the amazing Cordant team needs to be introduced!

Ryker Wall


Ryker grew up in Southern California and fell in love with wine during his time at Cal Poly. Though he did not formally study wine (he actually studied Kinesiology and Religious Studies), he always knew he wanted to work in the industry. After college, he and his wife moved to Miami for a short stint, where he worked as a sommelier and learned everything he could about the world of wine. However, the central coast of California always had their hearts, and they eventually moved back where he began working in the production side of the business. This is where he really feels at home - working with the grapes and ferments to try to capture all the beauty each vintage has to offer. When he's not at the winery, you can find him trail running or mountain biking.

Evan Taylor

Brand Director

Evan has been with us since 2020 and manages our outside customer events plus the work we do with our outside sales channel. And for those of you who have not yet met Evan, realize there are few people in life that have more passion for what they do than Evan, in fact his enthusiasm is infectious. When Evan is not traveling, you’ll see him around the winery too, hosting customers, packing boxes, and planning for his next trip. And if you think you might like to host a Cordant Winery tasting experience outside of our tasting room, don’t hesitate to reach out to Evan!

Troy Lovell

Hospitality Lead

Born and raised in the charming town of Templeton, Troy brings a unique blend of resilience and passion to the world of wine. Originally donning the uniform of a firefighter, Troy exhibited courage and dedication in the face of challenges. However, life's journey led to a pivotal career change that ignited a new flame within. Transitioning from the frontlines of firefighting to the refined ambiance of the wine industry, Troy discovered a profound appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship behind each bottle. His journey began at the esteemed Hotel Cheval, where he honed his skills in hospitality and developed a discerning palate for the finest wines. Eager to delve deeper into the intricacies of winemaking, Troy embarked on a harvest internship on the west side of Paso Robles. He immersed himself in the hands-on process of bringing grapes from vine to barrel, further solidifying his passion for the craft. With a keen palate and an innate ability to connect with people, Troy found his calling as a Tasting Room Manager with Cordant Winery. Troy is not just a manager; he is a storyteller, guiding guests through the rich tapestry of each vintage, sharing anecdotes of his own journey, and creating an atmosphere where every sip is accompanied by a tale. His commitment to providing an exceptional tasting room experience goes beyond pouring wine – it's about creating memories and fostering a sense of community. Beyond the world of wine, Troy takes to the skies during his free time. An avid pilot, he finds solace and joy in navigating the open skies.