May 26, 2020

Grenache … I Love You!

Grenache … I Love You! For me, picking a favorite varietal is like picking a favorite kid – it’s not really possible. I love my children equally – yet for different reasons – and grape varieties are no different for me. Now, when I talk about my love for these grapes, it’s not really about what I like to drink the most. I do drink wine and love it, though…

June 9, 2017

Vineyard Profile: Escolle Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands

Pinot Noir may be the best thing to ever happen in the Santa Lucia Highlands.  The vineyards are located at the bottom of the eastern side of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range in Monterey County, where the mountains are the only thing that separates this prestigious grape-growing region from the ocean. The weather is perfect – cool nights from the ocean air coupled with days that get hot enough (not…

June 18, 2016

Wills Hills

Some vineyards have a soul. Some vineyards you just connect with. There are three aspects to a vineyard that has this impact: the way it’s farmed,  the land under and around you, and the people that farm the land. The first two aspects are the easiest to achieve.  Buying a cool piece of land, planting, and properly farming a vineyard isn’t all that unusual. But when the land is owned…

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